Portland’s longest running municipal organist to play last note in position

“For the past 27 and a half years, Cornils has been organizing concerts in the city, teaching music education and the science behind the sound to elementary and middle school students, and of course, performing for the masses- not just in Maine, but around the country, and even the world.

Cornils describes playing the pipe organ, especially Merrill Auditorium’s mighty Kotzschmar Organ, as a sensation that can only be describes through music, not words. The ability to master the playing an immense instrument with both his hands and feet “makes him get up in the morning,” Cornils says.

Of all the things he’ll miss, Cornils says he will miss the people the most- both the audience members, the musicians he’s played alongside, and his coworkers at Friends of Kotzschmar Organ, the nonprofit that funds his position.”

– Katharine Bavoso, WCSH, December 18, 2017

Click here to watch the video WCSH did too.